Society for the Blind Receives $10K from Maximus Foundation

The Maximus Foundation recently awarded a $10,000 grant to Society for the Blind in Sacramento for its Senior IMPACT Project that empowers people age 55 and older with alternative, non-visual techniques and skills that enable them to perform day-to-day tasks and activities so they can stay independent.

“This year has been difficult for everyone, but for seniors losing their vision, it has been especially challenging,” said Shari Roeseler, executive director, Society for the Blind. “We are grateful to Maximus for recognizing how critical our services are for seniors who are losing their vision and want to stay independent. We are now providing safe, socially distant training so our community’s seniors can continue to live life to the fullest.”

Society for the Blind’s Senior IMPACT Project includes an eight-day retreat offered monthly that gives seniors an immersion experience where they learn alternative techniques and skills to travel, cook, clean, shop, maintain their home, conduct their personal finances and more. They learn how to use the latest in assistive technology to operate computers and mobile devices, and they learn Braille. Participants receive individualized attention from instructors and mentors who are blind or low vision, and they have the opportunity to join in discussion groups with peers on issues around vision loss and participate in community activities.

“During these extraordinary times, many organizations have stepped up to continue to be cornerstones of the community,” said John Boyer, Maximus Foundation chairman. “Not only is Society for the Blind providing essential services, but through their programming and leadership, they uplift the most vulnerable members of the community during particularly challenging and important times. Society for the Blind supports people, addresses their needs, and helps them keep reaching their goals and aspirations. With this award, we recognize Society for the Blind for their critical role in building a foundation of strength and support within our community despite the COVID-19 pandemic.”

For 66 years, Society for the Blind has created innovative ways to empower individuals living with low vision or blindness to discover, develop and achieve their full potential. Society for the Blind has grown from a dedicated group of volunteers to a nationally recognized agency and the only comprehensive rehabilitative teaching center that provides services for a 27-county region of northern California. The nonprofit provides low-vision eye care, life and job skills training, mentorship, and access to tools to maintain independence for more than 5,000 youth, working-age adults and seniors experiencing vision loss each year. For more information or to donate, visit

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